Video Management & Analytical Software


Video Management Solution

Video Management Solution offers highly reliable, exible and scalable cloud based management for recording and streaming surveillance footage. Featuring industry-leading video quality, intelligent event detection, highly-ef?cient streaming and storage, seamless remote access, it is the backbone of unique video surveillance solution. Vizio-Secure 360 software has in-built comprehensive cluster for advanced Video Analytic algorithms. Each Video Analytic module is coupled with incident-event-action framework.


  • Centralized Monitoring & Recording
  • Available on Android / IOS*
  • Faster response to Incidents
  • Converged Solution
  • Automatic Number Plate Recognisation

Live View
Common Web Client for Desktop, Tab and Mobile which opens on any device adjusting to screen size and offering UI accordingly. Camera groups with multiple level hierarchy
Downloading web client and Active-X installation is not required Advanced camera sequencing
Android Mobile Client Event noti?cations
Unlimited camera support with automatic detection Multi monitor and video wall support
Resource Optimization-Memory usage, band-width, storage E-maps
Pre-post alarm recording Bookmark support (snapshot+recording)
User management and permission based access Digital zoom with no limitation on depth
Multiple server support Camera playlist creation and save option for future use
Various recording modes-24×7, Motion detection based, scheduled, event based, optimization etc. Camera drag and drop to the window
Health monitoring Camera imaging parameters control-brightness, colour etc.
External storage device support (NAS) Camera window paging & automatic change of pages at con?gured duration
Recording backup ?les to external device like CD, DVD, Blueray DVD, External HDD etc. PTZ control and presets
Fail over management
Playback & Search
Telephony Integration: Click to dial Multi-camera playback
Access control system integration Simultaneous video export
Third party device integration Book-mark search
Camera control and PTZ-presets setting Event search
Camera Control (ONVIF)
Digital zoom with no limitation on depth
Camera date-time setting Video export facility for multiple cameras for different time periods
Camera video pro?le management Water marking facility on video for legal proof
Camera video parameter control-FPS, resolution, bitrate etc.
Alarm & Notification
Camera network parameter setting Camera wise alarm con?guration
Camera imaging parameter control-brightness, colour etc. Camera wise alarm noti?cation (multiple if require) con?guration
Camera PTZ and preset settings Alarm through SMS, E-mail alerts
Camera alarm capturing Camera relay control to generate external noti?cation
Camera I/O port control PTZ-preset change of selected camera as alarm action
Non-ONVIF camera control and presets Alarm noti?cation to mobile application
Video Analytics
Automatic Number Plate Recognisation
Camera Tempering Detection
Perimeter Trip wire / Intrusion Detection
Video Loss
Abandoned Object Detection
Missing Object Detection
Fire Detection
Advanced Motion Detection

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