Smarter Security Turnstiles

Smart Controls offers a wide range of turnstiles and security lanes, a combination of form and function with the most precise optical detection technology available or in combination with card readers, ideal for supervising lobbies and transitions from public to secure areas within specific establishments.


Providing you the best range of Tripod Turnstile System, Tripod Turnstile Access Control System, Bi Directional Tripod Turnstile Access System, Automated Half Height Turnstile System, Dual Way Entrance Tripod Turnstile System and Full Height Turnstile with effective & timely delivery.

Smarter Security Turnstiles

Installing access control systems with security turnstiles is a great way to elevate security. This is because security turnstiles, security turnstile doors, gates, and security turnstile systems are designed to restrict access to one person at a time, and will only allow access to entrants with the correct credentials. A person entering a security turnstile presents credentials (like an ID card, key fob, etc.) to a reader attached to the turnstile so it can determine if the person is authorized to pass through the turnstile’s lane. If authorized, the turnstile will unlock and allow the person through, promptly locking immediately after the person has made the passage. These security turnstile systems provide one of the most secure and efficient entry security solutions available because they prevent tailgating and unauthorized entry autonomously.

Turnstile gates, also known as ADA handicap compliant gates are also popularly used to secure entryways. These gates are composed of a barrier that opens on a hinge with a lane width of 32 inches or larger (to comply with ADA regulations and provide ample space for a person with a wheelchair to gain access). Turnstile gates are a great addition to security turnstiles because they allow handicap access while still keeping an entryway as secure as possible. Sometimes entrants carry large objects with them when passing through an access control system like packages, hand trucks, and tools. Many organizations install security gates to allow controlled access to these entrants. These gates are great for fulfillment centers, manufacturing plants, and other facilities where packages and large machinery are always on the move.

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