Smart Controls offers a range of metal detectors to aid you for a more secure event or establishment. Our metal detectors range from walk-through units, hand-held scanners for security screening check points, to groundsearch metal detectors for crime scene investigations.


The system is purposed to restrict the Movement of vehicles , which helps to maintain the free movement of authorized vehicles and to block the unauthorized vehicle entry, which prevents the occupy of unidentified / suspected vehicle at parking area. The systems are available in various standard Boom stick lengths like 3M, 4M, 6M, 7M etc…

Barriers and Gate Automation in Bahrain

Versatile cost-optimised solutions for controlling access to public spaces, company grounds and numerous other applications. Rapid barriers with opening and closing times of down to 1.3 seconds, especially designed for highly frequented entrances to car parks and parking spaces with separate pedestrian paths.

Extremely fast, extensively configurable barriers for efficient toll processing at bridges, tunnels and on roads. Particular solutions for particular challenges in traffic and lane management.

Gate Automation

Automatic gates are used to control access into a secured area. Most commonly, automatic gates are used at the entrance to the facility, and are used to control vehicular access on and off of the site. For example, a manufacturing plant may use an automatic gate at its main entrance. All vehicles entering and exiting the plant must do so through the automatic gate. Automatic gates are also used at interior areas within a facility. For example, automatic gates are commonly used within the inside of a parking garage to separate employee parking areas from public areas of the garage.

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