Room Automation

(TRA), Total Room AutomationCompact room automation Desigo TRA



QMX7.E38 S55624-H109

Room Automation

Modular, freely programmable room automation station for HVAC, lighting and shading (TRA, Total Room Automation):

BTL tested BACnet/IP communication acoording to BACnet standard (rev 1.13) include B-ASC profile

Island bus to connect TX-I/O modules with any data point mix (including bus supply) (not with PXC3.E16A)

KNX bus for direct connection of peripheral devices using KNX PL-Link or KNX S-mode communication (including bus supply) (not with PXC3.E16A)

DALI bus to connect lighting controls (only controller types PXC3…A)

USB interface for tool

Mounting on standard mounting rail

2-port Ethernet switch for low-cost cabling

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